Raleigh NC Contractor Jobs – cost of plumbing

December 27, 2009 by

So the launch of the labor procurement website in Raleigh has finally happened!!
If you are a homeowner searching for service providers like plumbers and landscapers the is the place to save time and money.

Find Raleigh Plumbers on triangleforhire.comThe concept of a reverse auction is not a new one… In fact people in Europe have been using similar systems to purchase home improvement for years now. It is saving them money. Buy one estimate up to 30% off the average price of skilled trades when not purchased through a reverse auction.

So for instance a $100 landscaping project like laying paving stones would cost the property owner only $70 when using TriangleForHire.com

There are very substantial soft costs in construction and contracting work… in fact most general contractors expect to make 30 – 50 % on project that they just pass along to another service provider.

So a contractor gets a kitchen remodeling job that he has priced the plumbing at $2000.

He subcontracts that plumbing job to a licensed plumber that charges him only $800 for the work.

Of course the contractor has management experience and costs associated with operations but there is some wiggle room in the profits.

Using a system like Triangle For Hire in Raleigh, NC takes the middle man out of the equation and allows the property owner to pocket the margins that the general contractor would have made… but more that this using an auction style system to find contractors causes the prices to go down depending on the work load of the plumber for instance.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I just had to toss in something about the green building option you have to add a consultant to your project and get the benefits of a sustainable project.


Private Beta coming soon!

January 16, 2009 by


ive put many more hours into the UI for the project,

mostly changes to CSS, and some html

the navigation has taken some time to finalize but i think its about ready.

I was on craigslist yesterday scrolling through the Ads for service providers, nearly 200 people posted their services on Raleigh Craigslist.

I hope that this project becomes a home for those Raleigh Building Services providers.

So my deadline for finishing the UI is tonight, better get back to it.


January 16, 2009 by

money tree

money tree learn more!

Because building a money tree is a triple bottom-line experience, users give back to their community while getting a fair price for whatever job they’re getting done.

Follow the money tree. It’s all about making new connections and building a stronger network of contractors, local businesses and everyday citizens; this is how we facilitate economic growth in our community.

We’re really looking forward to the Beta launch, coming some time next week!!! – update the beta launch is here!

have a look at triangleforhire.com where you can find reviews of contractors and information on creating green jobs in the Raleigh area.

We are currently looking for skilled service providers so if that you please sign up and start adding to the community.



January 14, 2009 by

I just wanted to announce that I, Luke West, am now a contributing writer here at the Raleigh For Hire Blog. XOXOXOX

Raleigh For Hire gives you access to Property Management Tools Instantly

December 19, 2008 by

Over at raleighforhire.com we are going to be populating a database of Green Property Management Services.

Most of the items will be profiles of Raleigh, Durham, and Chappel Hill Maintenance Companies, Cleaning Companies, and General Trades with established Market Share and existing interactive tools.

RaleighForHire.com will give you access to service providers in all categories and with a focus on triple bottom line community oriented businesses.

What is really best is the ability to vote for your favorite people in your community. Has someone done you Right! Give them Karma!!!

If someone has done you wrong you can voice your complaint to the community.

There is no fee to use this online community platform!!

So sign up, its free and everyone can join.

Raleigh For Hire Blog Launch

November 10, 2008 by

Hi Raleigh,

This is the launch post for the RaleighForHire.com freelance network. Its New!!!

There is just 1 thing to know about the project…


At RaleigFoHire.com you can Join and Use all our services free of charge.
Contribute to the development of your community by participating in the forums.
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