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Raleigh NC Contractor Jobs – cost of plumbing

December 27, 2009

So the launch of the labor procurement website in Raleigh has finally happened!!
If you are a homeowner searching for service providers like plumbers and landscapers the is the place to save time and money.

Find Raleigh Plumbers on triangleforhire.comThe concept of a reverse auction is not a new one… In fact people in Europe have been using similar systems to purchase home improvement for years now. It is saving them money. Buy one estimate up to 30% off the average price of skilled trades when not purchased through a reverse auction.

So for instance a $100 landscaping project like laying paving stones would cost the property owner only $70 when using

There are very substantial soft costs in construction and contracting work… in fact most general contractors expect to make 30 – 50 % on project that they just pass along to another service provider.

So a contractor gets a kitchen remodeling job that he has priced the plumbing at $2000.

He subcontracts that plumbing job to a licensed plumber that charges him only $800 for the work.

Of course the contractor has management experience and costs associated with operations but there is some wiggle room in the profits.

Using a system like Triangle For Hire in Raleigh, NC takes the middle man out of the equation and allows the property owner to pocket the margins that the general contractor would have made… but more that this using an auction style system to find contractors causes the prices to go down depending on the work load of the plumber for instance.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I just had to toss in something about the green building option you have to add a consultant to your project and get the benefits of a sustainable project.